International Student Showcase

SETU Carlow prides itself on hosting international students from up to 30 countries every year and annually on campus we love to highlight our International Students with an International Day event. Students have the opportunity to showcase their country and culture in what turns out to be a very vibrant and colourful event and one of the most popular annual events on the University calendar.

Unfortunately, the academic year 2020/2021 has been a totally different experience for all students due to Covid-19. It has been especially difficult for our international students who have experienced all the various levels of lockdown here in Ireland, while away from home and family. While the same numbers of international students did not travel to Carlow for study this year, we wanted to showcase a flavour of those who did.  We cannot celebrate our International Day in the usual way this year but we could not let the year pass without creating an awareness of our International cohort of students who braved the pandemic to pursue their dream of studying at SETU Carlow in 20/21.