Employment & Employability Guide

Employability is the term used to describe how employable are you, what knowledge level and what skills you have. This includes skills which are acquired as you progress through your third-level course.





At SETU Carlow we provide you with the opportunities to gain the specific knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes to develop a career in your area of interest.

SETU Carlow is passionate about supporting employability and below are employability guides aimed at career development. Employers want graduates to have employability skills as well as the key knowledge in a given field.

The guides demonstrate where these skills are developed as part of all courses in SETU Carlow.

SETU Carlow offers flexible pathways that combine fulltime, part-time and occasional courses to support and ensure a highly skilled workforce. This allows students to build their individual educational profile to support their career at their own pace.

The Jargon Buster section gives definitions of the words used in describing education opportunities.